Our Story

Inspired by his own bad posture and wanting to fix it, our founder created Perfect Posture to set out to do just that: fix and develop the posture of millions through products, exercises, and motivation.  As of today, we have sold hundreds of products and vastly improved the lives of thousands.  

We believe that posture is the most important aspect of health; with bad posture, every function of the body starts to deteriorate.  Headaches, constricted breathing, and back pain just scratch the surface of what bad posture can do to your quality of life.  That is why have set out to help as many people as we possibly can in reversing this process. 

We try to put our email as many places as we can so that people can get in contact with us, and we will do that here as well; if you have any questions about anything posture related, email us at questions@iwantbetterposture.com